Volunteers make a difference

Thank you to our amazing 2017-18 volunteers. Together we made a difference…

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The success of the PAC organized functions depends wholly on its volunteers. We know life is busy, and parents bare the brunt of the time crunch but you would be surprised, sometimes only a few hours are needed for a single event! And we also have other ways to help out by donating things other than your time.

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Grizzly Care

Event Chair: Patti Minck


Grizzly Care (formerly known as the Because We Care Committee) is the PAC's outreach network that focuses on helping out and connecting with our families whenever the need arises. Whether it is an illness or loss in the family or a happy situation such as a new sibling, we want to show our families that they are part of caring community at Glenmore, All situations are kept confidential and we reach out simply to offer virtual grizzly bear hugs in the form of meals, baking or even just a card or flowers. Nurture with Nutrition: Volunteer to be part of this network by providing baking or casseroles as needed. When a situation arises, an email will be sent out to the group with a request, including any allergies or food concerns. You won't need to participate every time but your help when possible is very much appreciated.

Grizzly Friends
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