What is STEM Week?

The GME STEM Week is a week with increased emphasis on STEM, with hands-on, fun-filled STEM activities provided by the PAC.

This will take the place of Family STEM Night this year due to COVID restrictions.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.


STEM is so much more than four fields of study, though. It has become a short-form label that includes a diverse set of 21st century skills and characteristics — ways of thinking about (and solving) the problems that we all face as global citizens.

~ Canada 2067

Why is developing an early interest in STEM needed?

In Canada there is currently a shortage of tech talent to meet job demand and this is only going to increase. Although STEM fields have the fastest rate of job growth, only 24.8% of Canadian post secondary graduates were from STEM related fields.

We’re not doing enough to encourage and enable students to pursue the disciplines that are going to shape the future work force.

~ Rohan Mahimker
Co-founder and co-CEO, Prodigy Game

Most Canadian students disengage from STEM courses before graduating high school, limiting their options in the highest job market. Currently more than half of Canadian students graduate high school without a senior level math and/or science credit, citing that STEM subjects are ‘too difficult’ as the main reason for not pursuing these courses. According to reports, an early interest in STEM fields, through hands-on play activities, can help counteract those beliefs that STEM subjects are hard and aid against the gender discrepancy in STEM fields.

65% of children today will be working in jobs that don’t exist yet – let’s help prepare them for the future.

Sponsorship Opportunity

We want the STEM learning to go home and become a part of Family Time, bringing parents and children together with STEM. During the week we are going to be raffling off STEM games and activities for students to take home. All students will automatically be entered in the draw.

We are looking companies that believe in the skill set that STEM learning helps develop to sponsor our passion for STEM education by donating a game/activity for our participation raffle. This can be done by purchasing a STEM/Logic game and delivering it to Glenmore Elementary School Attn STEM Week or by making a cash donation and we will purchase something on their behalf.

As always a personal connection is better to ask for sponsorship. So if you own, work for, know someone etc at a company that would interested in this small sponsorship opportunity, please reach out to them. A donation letter can be found below explaining our sponsorship ask. Also please email gmepac@gmail.com to let us know that you can reach out to a company so that we don’t get multiple people asking the same company – Kelowna is still a small town!


Printable Sponsorship Request Letter:

Sponsorship Details:

  • Prizes need to be at the school no later than March 4th and can be taken to the office
  • We can do the shopping for you! If you would like to do a cash donation, they can be dropped off at the school office and we will purchase a prize on your behalf. Cheques can be made out to Glenmore Elementary PAC.

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