Raising Money

Many parent volunteers make the fundraising events possible throughout the year. The money raised goes towards enriching our children’s education in the classroom through the funding field-trips, the purchase of musical instruments, math tools, gym equipment, library books etc.

See the final budget and allocation of funds for the 2018-19 year.

See the final budget for the playground for the 2018-10 year.


The Glenmore PAC makes every effort to have only useful fundraisers and is focused on only offering what you might need or want to purchase anyway. We will not try to shove boxes of chocolate covered almonds down your throat, unless you want us to!

Limited Time Fundraisers

There are only available for a limited time – get them while you can!

Ongoing Fundraisers

Check out our fundraisers that you can support anytime!
(Fun Lunch ordering occurs once per term)