Executive Committee 2019-20

Overview of Executive Positions

The following people have been voted on by GME parents to represent as mandated by the GME PAC Constitution:

Angela Mastracci

Vice President

Camila Bifford


Candice Henriques

Member at Large

Esther Moore

Member at Large

Genevieve Bowman

Member at Large

Jeneah Lightfoot

Member at Large

Kellie Garcia

Member at Large

Klaus Minck


Melissa Tesche

Member at Large

Paulyn Chua

Member at Large

Rhonda Jarvis

Member at Large

Sabrina Carpenter

Member at Large

Sarah Bendall


Tristaca Curley


Committee Co-ordinators

The following GME parents generously volunteered additional time to manage key activities and fundraisers.

Annual Family Fun Night

  • Sarah Bendall

Baking Committee

  • Melissa Tesche

Family Photo Days

  • Jeneah Lightfoot

Kindie Cafe

  • Angela M

Welcome Cafe

Lead Needed

Staff Appreciation Lunch

  • Tristaca Curley

Footprint Days

  • Laurelle Eves

Mabel’s Labels Fundraiser

  • Candice Henriques

Book Swap

  • Melissa Tesche

Bike to School Week

  • Julia Walker

Grizzly Care

  • Michelle McArthur

Family Movie on the Lawn

  • Sarah Bendall
  • Tristaca Curley

Kernels Krazy Mentor

  • Rhonda Jarvis

Fun Lunch Program

  • Angela Mastracci | Lead
  • Brandi | Website
  • Amye Matson | Distribution
  • Genevieve Bowman | Distribution
  • Amy Matejcek | PayPal

Family STEM Night

  • Sarah Bendall
  • Melissa Tesche
  • Lindsay Sill