Central Okanagan Parent Advisory Council | Parents Supporting Student Success

The Central Okanagan Parent Advisory Council (COPAC) is a group of volunteers committed to ensuring that parents in School District #23 have a voice. The COPAC Executive is dedicated to attending as many School Board and District Committee meetings as possible to represent parents.


Our school’s PAC representative to COPAC attends meetings monthly to help represent our Glenmore community. But every parent’s participation is encouraged and welcomed, every voice is valued and it is important that COPAC hears yours!

Get Involved

Are you curious about what is going on in our school community at the District level? Would you love the opportunity to speak more with parents from other schools in the District and learn best practices? Are you a parent who is wondering what news the Superintendent and School Board Trustees have to share?

Connect with COPAC

You are invited to attend COPAC meetings held the first Monday of each month, at Hollywood Road Education Services, Rm 3.  Please refer to the COPAC Calendar for accurate dates and times; and, stay connected to the COPAC community through Facebook!